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Outdoor Waterproof LED lights

Product model:UN(SH)-LED-***R
Technical specification:230V IP44 50Hz
Use range:City streets and your life anywhere、xmas decorations

LED lights for outdoor IP44 plug

LED spec : 3V 20mA 0.06W

Supply : 230V 50Hz

LED color : multicolorwhitewarm whiteredyellowbluegreen

Use : outdoor city anywhere and wedding、party、xmas decorations

Wire Spec : Black 、white rubber cable wire 1*0.5 mm²

Conectable item :  YES or NO





Products Structure :

  The LED lights for outdoor on round: not conected


  The LED lights for outdoor on string : can be connected



    The LED lights for outdoor on icicle curtain: can be connected




   The LED lights for outdoor on curtain : can be conected and every chain can be replaced or not.


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